Power Generation & Nuclear

SWMF have long been associated with the Power generation sector and have many established long term customer relationships.

Surface Finishing for Power Generation & Nuclear Sectors


We have worked with companies from a wide range of sectors and have obtained many company approvals and accreditations.

We maintain an extensive range of approvals and multiple process capabilities which enables us to offer on time and competitive high quality finishes. The business also works in the Nuclear power generation sector and has been awarded the rigorous ‘Fit For Nuclear’ status which will further expand the company’s capability to service new and existing customers in the United Kingdom and abroad.

Typical Power Generation & Nuclear Applications Provided By Us:

  • Chemical cleaning of Titanium fan housings
  • Chromic Anodise and polyurethane coating of gearbox housings
  • Electroless Nickel/PTFE coating of wiring connectors
  • Electroless Nickel plating of couplings
  • Hard Anodise of turbine blade root
  • Hard Anodise of electric motor brackets
  • Silver plating of turbine blades
  • Silver plating of electrical bus bars
  • Tin plating of electrical switchgear
  • Zinc-Nickel plating of safety critical fasteners

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