SWMF offer a wide variety of finishes to the Automotive sector ranging from high performance low volume Motorsport to the largest automotive manufacturers.

Surface Finishing for the Automotive Sector


We have worked with companies from a wide range of sectors and have obtained many company approvals and accreditations.

A key requirement for today’s motor vehicle is the use of environmentally sustainable finishes, we recognised this and have invested in significant Zinc Nickel plating capacity at our sites which is a process extensively used by the industry due to its exceptional corrosion resistance and safe environmental properties.

Typical Automotive Applications Provided By Us:

  • Hard Anodising of aluminium brackets
  • Hard Chrome plating of heat manifolds
  • Molybdenum disulphide coating of fasteners
  • Silver plating of turbocharger bearing cages
  • Sulphuric Anodise and dye of Hydraulic manifolds
  • Trivalent Chrome plating of aluminium casings
  • Zinc-Nickel plating of Fuel pipes
  • Zinc-Nickel plating of brake pipes
  • Zinc-Nickel plating of brake callipers

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