As a business, South West Metal Finishing recognises its Duty of Care with respect to the environment.

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BS EN ISO 14001 Accredited

It is the business’s declared policy to ensure it minimises the effects and impacts of its activities on the environment.

South West Metal Finishing holds the BS EN ISO 14001 International Accreditation for Environmental Management which is a standard developed to provide guidance for systemising and improving the companies’ environmental performance.

We offer a range of Reach ready processes.


The Company Will:

  • Assess the aspects and impacts of the companies’ activities on the environment both locally and Settingsly.
  • Ensure it is compliant with all relevant and applicable legislative and regulatory requirements.
  • Be committed to continually improving its environment performance.
  • Effectively manage the efficient use of natural resources and raw materials in conjunction with reducing the amount of waste it produces.
  • Develop and raise the environmental awareness of all of its employees.
  • Where practicable provide environment


(Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and restriction of Chemicals):

REACh is a European Union Regulation which is aimed at providing a high level of protection to human health and the environment from the production and use of chemical substances. Under REACh South West Metal Finishing strives to where possible substitute the use of harmful and hazardous chemical substances with safer and more environmentally friendly alternatives.

The basic facts of REACh: –

  • Came into force on the 1st of June 2007
  • The legislation is managed by (ECHA) European Chemicals Agency Applies to all substances manufactured and imported into the EU
  • If a substance is added to Annex XIV it’s uses will banned without an Authorisation from ECHA
  • Even if an Authorisation is granted it will be for limited applications, a limited time and with the potential of imposed controls and restrictions with substitution still required in the future
  • If an Authorisation isn’t granted then the use of that substance will immediately be prohibited at the sunset date
  • Substances currently under threat are Trichloroethylene, Chromium Trioxide, Cadmium, Sodium Dichromate and Potassium Dichromate
  • Some potential Processes under threat, Hard Chrome, Chromic Anodising, Cadmium and Chromating

South West Metal Finishing are:-


Committed to working with customers and suppliers in finding suitable alternatives to existing processes whilst maintaining the supply chain


Changing processes where required and invest in new technology


Maintaining its membership within various consortiums to allow access to latest information and updates on REACh


Looking at gaining Authorisation for the continued use of certain substances for specific application processes under threat, Hard Chrome, Chromic Anodising, Cadmium and Chromating

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