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Oil & Gas

Similar to the Marine environment the work we carry out for the Oil and Gas sector has some exacting design requirements which have to be considered when selecting the correct surface treatments including salt water corrosion, anti galling, anti fret and galvanic reactivity. We can offer technical expertise from four facilities all of which are supported by key customer approvals, this combined with over 80 years of industry experience allows us to offer you the customer optimised surface treatments and performance for a wide range of components many of which are critical to the design performance.

Typical Oil & Gas Applications Provided By Us:

  • Copper plating of threaded connectors
  • Electroless Nickel plating of ball valves
  • Hard Anodise of Pump brackets
  • Manganese Phosphate of couplings
  • Polyurethane coating of Oil and Gas pump housings
  • Silver plating slip rings
  • Silver plating of connectors
  • Zinc-Nickel plating of Oil platform nuts and bolts
  • Zinc Phosphate of bearings
  • Zinc plating of low pressure pipeline fittings