We work with a large number of Medical customers to provide high quality coatings to very exacting standards.

Surface Finishing for the Medical Industry


We have worked with companies from a wide range of sectors and have obtained many company approvals and accreditations.

To enable us to perform in this high precision industry we offer fully traceable documentation which is in full compliance with our customer’s specification requirements. We have recently also extended our range of treatments to include surface enhancement of parts produced using the additive layer manufacturing technology.

Typical Medical Applications Provided By Us:

  • Anti reflective coating of dental instruments
  • Anti reflective coating of operating theatre equipment
  • Chemical cleaning of dental implants
  • Chemical polishing of dental implants
  • Copper plating of medical equipment Logos & Pictures
  • Electro polishing of surgical blades
  • Passivation of medical instruments
  • Satin Chrome plating of respirator valves
  • Sulphuric Anodising of oxygen manifolds
  • Titanium Anodising of dental implants

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