IMF achievements in the South West Metal Finishing Paint Shop

South West Metal Finishing is once again delighted to announce a huge tranche of staff having achieved great results with their IMF (Institute of Materials Finishing) exams. Pictured here are, Bruce Hunt, Erika Langer, Kristen Mitchell, Marie Toth, Miroslaw Pawlaczyk, Peter Fry and Zilvavas Kruvioius. Two others not pictured here – Janos and Damien, also succeeded in the exam. They must be a bright bunch, as out of the team there were 7 merits and 2 distinctions. The course they completed was the Foundation Level – The course/module for the Foundation Certificate is designed to provide personnel in surface finishing and related technologies the opportunity to improve and increase their knowledge and thus should be able to deal with shop floor problems more effectively. For more information have a look at the syllabus at IMF Website

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