Anodising – Tartaric, Sulphuric, Hard anodising + PTFE, we’ve got it covered, literally!

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SWMF – Chippenham, are excited to showcase our game-changing service that redefines performance. Dive with us into the world of Tartaric, Sulphuric, Hard Anodising and AnoTef-HA™ and discover how we excel in leading the way in customer service, cost effectiveness and process excellence.
Tartaric, Sulphuric, Hard Anodising and AnoTef-HA™, bring distinct advantages to metal finishing. Tartaric and Sulphuric Anodising, enhances corrosion resistance, Hard Anodising gives exceptional hardness and wear resistance, while AnoTef-HA™ provides unique low friction, wear, and corrosion characteristics. Together, these processes provide industry with a versatile toolkit for achieving durability and performance, in so many applications.
Explore the diverse benefits of each technique, to elevate your metal finishing standards to the next level.
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